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Our mission

The best of ICT with a human touch

The decisions you make today are the decisions that will keep your business relevant and prosperous in the future. No matter how challenging they are, Axians will deliver the best people and technology, unravel complexity and bring you a sustainable competitive advantage.

At all times, our services are entwined by a human approach. We know that each customer is unique, which is why we always tailor our solutions and approaches. In a world of ones and zeros, we never forget humanity.

Axians companies in the Czech Republic

  • Axians Czech Republic s.r.o.

    From 18 September 2023, S&T CZ will become Axians – but only the brand under which we work with you has changed. Everything else remains the same – from the contracts and banking connection to the quality of service you've come to expect.
  • Axians ICT CZ, s.r.o.

    For more than 10 years, we have been helping companies in the Czech Republic manage complex digital changes and successfully adapt to the fast pace of technology. We believe that people and companies can achieve great results, especially when they work together. Our goal is to provide tailored services and solutions with a human touch. Simply "The best of ICT with a human touch".
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  • ikona - dlaň vzhůru a nad ní ozubené kolečko vyjadřující technologie

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Cyber Security

Security audit at Electrotrans a.s.

ELEKTROTRANS a.s. is one of the leaders on the Czech market in providing comprehensive services in the field of transmission and distribution of electric energy. This position places high demands on the security of the entire IT infrastructure of the company. We helped Elektrotrans to check this infrastructure by means of penetration tests and security audit.
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Cyber Security

Checking infrastructure elements for Schaltag

Axians conducted external penetration tests, focusing primarily on border infrastructure elements. This was followed by web application testing. The test included the use of a brute force attack on employee login credentials. The web application testing involved automated testing followed by manual testing
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Datacenter Operation Services for ThermoFisher

ThermoFisher worked with Axians to outsource datacenter technologies. Read more about the implemented technologies and services.
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Cyber Security

Penetration testing for Ministry of Justice CZ

Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic cooperates with Axians to protect its infrastructure. Our services included external penetration tests, web application testing and internal infrastructure penetration test.
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Service desk for Czech ThermoFisher

Axians provided support to Thermo Fisher Scientific in taking the service desk service in-house. During service, we managed to streamline and fully describe ongoing support processes, as well as to create new ones.
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Axians is a VINCI Energies brand

The world evolves everyday and VINCI Energies contribute to improving everyday life and to shaping the world of tomorrow.

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Our mission “The best of ICT with a human touch” means to us that technology leads to a successful goal only if we work as a team, with high competence and conviction. We simply enjoy helping our clients with their digital transformation.