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Axians ICT CZ, s.r.o.

We are at the centre of an ever-changing digital world.

For more than 10 years, we have been helping companies in the Czech Republic manage complex digital changes and successfully adapt to the fast pace of technology. We believe that people and companies can achieve great results, especially when they work together. Our goal is to provide tailored services and solutions with a human touch. Simply “The best of ICT with a human touch”.

Our corporate DNA defines us and sets us apart from others.

It is a blend of our knowledge, values, goals and approach to work. We are a team of colleagues made up of different nationalities, generations, experiences and perspectives. This diversity gives us the advantage of being able to approach each project from several angles and find a comprehensive solution. We are each different, but we are united by our DNA (and a common language, English).

Stories of Axians people

It is the people who are the heart of our company. How do we work here? Read the stories of our colleagues.


We named the company values, but we didn’t want them to become just empty words on a forgotten flyer in the kitchen. We actually live our values every day. They’re part of our DNA. They are not only manifested in our work and in our approach to customers, but they are also behind the good relationships with colleagues and the friendships that are formed.

  • We create together

    We create together and we can always rely on each other. Helping is the foundation of our team spirit – whether it's big or small, within the team or outside of it. We look for the solution, not the culprit. We learn from mistakes so that we can avoid them in the future.
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  • We put our cards on the table

    We believe that open cards on the table lead to better play. We're working together for success and it's important for us to hear your opinion. We don't play the "this is my know-how" game here, but we believe in sharing information with each other. Ask for opinions, consult with colleagues and remember: the only wrong question is the unspoken one.
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  • We take an interest in others

    We are interested in others because we know that they are the people who make Axians special. Employees are not just a number to us. We give feedback to our colleagues and appreciate a job well done.
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  • We do not take ourselves too seriously

    We always try to look on the bright side. We like to laugh and we can make fun of ourselves. Why? Because we know that together we can overcome all obstacles. And with a smile on our face, they suddenly seem smaller.
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  • ikona - tři panáčci
    We're friendly. We believe that cooperation and communication are key pillars of our success.
  • We take things as they are and talk to each other openly.
  • We trust our employees. With trust comes independence, but also responsibility.
  • We're on first name terms. We don't take ourselves too seriously. A relaxed atmosphere is the basis for us.

Pawsome friends

At Axians, we've cracked the code to a great team: we welcome not only people, but their best four-legged friends too!

“I may not be a complete expert on cybersecurity, but I always know where the treats are!”

Gigi,  Treat Supply Manager


At Axians, we've cracked the code to a great team: we welcome not only people, but their best four-legged friends too!

Did you know that dogs in the office can reduce stress and increase productivity? We do and that’s why we are lucky to have Reya, our Happiness Manager. See that smile from ear to ear?

At Axians, we've cracked the code to a great team: we welcome not only people, but their best four-legged friends too!

“Don’t let my occasional bored expression fool you. I’m just wondering where I’m going to rest.”

Rufus, Power-nap Manager

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