Infor ERP

A comprehensive ERP system with flexible development and enterprise resource planning capabilities.

ERP and cloud solutions for specific industry needs

We are Gold Channel Partners of Infor. Our specialists have a long tradition of working together on Infor products and solutions; we actively participate in product localization and provide all services related to the successful deployment and operation of Infor solutions.

Infor solutions are designed for medium-sized to large global manufacturers, distributors, and aftermarket service providers. They provide the flexibility to manage mixed-mode and complex value chains, giving you an unsurpassed user experience, industry-specific features, and flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) development and planning capabilities for multiple companies, multiple countries, and multiple sites. With M3’s production ERP capabilities, organizations can quickly adapt to changing industry trends and business model transformations.

We particularly support solutions in the following verticals:

  • Food and beverage production
  • Distribution
  • Service and equipment rental
  • Clothing, footwear and textile industry
  • Industrial production

In addition to services for users, which we implement directly at the customer’s site, we primarily focus on the implementation and support of cloud solutions that bring new quality, reliability and dynamics to the field of IT utilisation.

Our Infor services

We support our customers throughout the Infor solution lifecycle and in all areas of need.

  • Solutions for food and beverage production

    Our solutions have built-in features for the food and beverage industry that allow you to achieve operational excellence, manage product lifecycles, plan your supply chain and manage assets. They make it easier for you to improve food safety, reduce waste and increase supply chain transparency.

  • Solutions for distribution companies

    Distributors are facing challenges such as supply chain disruption, aggressive competition and labour shortages. It is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver the products and services people want. Our technology enables you to embrace innovation, differentiate your services and build your reputation.

  • Solutions for service and equipment rental

    Equipment manufacturers, dealers, rental specialists and service organizations rely on Infor to help them meet and exceed changing customer expectations, ensure the availability of equipment and parts, optimise lifecycle utilisation and overcome other challenges.

  • Solutions for the clothing, footwear and textile industry

    Sustainable clothing is becoming an increasingly important goal for companies in the fashion industry. Our innovative technologies help you respond to changing consumer trends and legislative requirements and transform your business.

  • Solutions for discrete industrial production

    Software solutions for discrete industrial manufacturing enable you to turn your data into higher productivity and a powerful customer experience, sustainably and profitably.

  • Infor products

    In addition to the core ERP system, the offered and supported Infor solutions are based on a unique portfolio of organically connected products such as Infor M3, Infor MAX+, Infor Factory Track™, Infor OS and others.

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Our Infor Partnership

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