Corporate social responsibility

The journey to a more sustainable world

One of our core values is solidarity (caring for others). This is not just an empty phrase, but an inner conviction that we keep in mind every day and that is reflected in all our actions.

It’s a way of thinking and a direction in life.

In our DNA, one of the most important values is that “We take an interest in others.“ This is not just an empty phrase, it’s our inner conviction, daily in our minds, reflected in everything we do.

Social responsibility is something every company should embrace. We realise this and approach it consciously and respectfully. We chose the path of sustainability and this permeates all levels of our company’s operations. We actively participate in making our environment better. Thanks to this responsible approach, Axians holds the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certification.

Eco-friendly solutions for the future

Our services and technologies help save water and energies and decrease our impact on the environment. With our partners, we deliver sustainable solutions for the future.

We help and support

Year-round we lend a helping hand to those in need. We take part in countless charitable activities – charity runs, used clothes and toys collections for a children’s home, money drives for a care home’s residents or for local animal shelters. Our colleagues have their hearts in the right place.

Even a small change can have a great impact

We believe that even the smallest things matter because they can pile up and become big. This is why we carefully consider everything we do – from deliberate purchases of less-waste products to eco-friendly requirements for our office buildings.

Sustainable environment

We support ecology and a healthy lifestyle. We plant trees and attend cleaning events. We encourage our colleagues to, if at all possible, walk or cycle to work. We started this in 2020, when we commuted more than 20 000 km this way and last year 2023 we continued by keeping the same  goal.

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19 September 2023

S&T CZ was renamed Axians Czech Republic s.r.o.

On 18 September 2023, S&T companies in Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, North Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro were renamed Axians, the ICT brand of the VINCI Energies Group. Now, these countries appear under a consistent Axians corporate identity and rebranded company names. 
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28 July 2022 Axians

We have improved by 12 positions in the TOP 100 ICT companies of last year!

We are growing and we are glad that we have confirmed it again this year in the TOP 100 Czech ICT companies publication.
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14 January 2022 Axians

2021 from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective

Corporate Social Responsibility – in colloquial language, responsibility towards society – is something we think about every day at Axians. Every time in January, when looking back at the previous year, our hearts warm up.
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Cyber Security

5 small devices that can penetrate your company. Do you know how to defend yourself?

It probably won't surprise anyone that attackers can take over your computer if they have physical access to it for even a moment. But what do we mean by "physical access"? It doesn't always have to be an unlocked computer forgotten in the office. 
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28 June 2021 Axians

We have improved by 10 positions in the TOP 100 ICT companies this year!

We are growing and we are glad that we have confirmed it this year in the TOP 100 Czech ICT companies publication.
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Axians ICT CZ is ISO 27001 certified

Axians ICT CZ has obtained the ČSN ISO / IEC 27001:2013 certificate. The extensive information security audit was performed by the prestigious certification company TAYLLORCOX s.r.o.
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Cyber Security

Vulnerability management: Back to the roots

Many companies faced a cyber attack that forced them to focus more on the security of their own IT infrastructure. Often this inspection ended with the implementation of new technologies using next-generation solutions.
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Cyber Security

How does a cyber attack work?

Today, no one doubts that cyber-attacks represent a significant risk for organizations, which must be reckoned with and defended against. Recent media cases include the attack on Twitter.
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Cyber Security

Can you stand up to a phishing attack?

In the past, cyber-attacks became more common only in the professional community, but recently, attacks have increasingly affected ordinary citizens as well. Whether it is a medical organization or a smartwatch.
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