Smart Factory

We provide professional manufacturing and logistics engineering and support for our 7×24×365 solutions.

Comprehensive solutions to increase production and logistics efficiency

Our ERP-PA engineering department offers a range of custom solutions in today’s era of intensive development of manufacturing intelligence, electronic ERP business information systems and their interconnection, commonly known as Industry 4.0.

We specialise in systems for logistics, production and technological data processing and access control systems. We naturally also integrate these systems with our customer’s enterprise information systems, whether these are SAP, INFOR MOVEX, INFOR M3, INFOR MAX+, APS solutions or other database-oriented systems. Within Smart Factory, we primarily implement systems related to logistics and production efficiency and warehouse management.

  • We supply systems for acquisition, monitoring and evaluation of production and technological data, SPC modules, production and machine efficiency monitoring systems including OEE parameters, APS systems, production WorkFlow, HMI/SCADA applications and custom software (backend/frontend).
  • We provide our own solutions for monitoring and planning vehicle movements and implement controlled warehouses and picking systems and solutions related to work safety.
  • We implement SW/HW solutions from the IoT area and SW products enabling full integration of production and related areas in digital form, homogeneously connected with management systems.

Our Smart Factory Solutions

  • Additional solutions for SAP and INFOR

    Our implementations extend the functionality of ERP systems with solutions for mobile devices in the field of warehouse management, inventory and personnel management. In this area, we also address the full integration of production data in digital form into the ERP system environment (COM interface, data bridges, etc.).

  • eLogistics • LKW

    Our systems can ensure and optimally plan loading, or take into account timing in relation to the traffic situation. This includes a paperless logistics process and can be followed up with solutions such as eDrives – controlled entry and exit on the site not only for freight and passenger transport, but also for bus transport (eBUS application) and planning and approval of entry.

  • Production efficiency evaluation ( OEE, KPI) • PlantWatcher

    Plantwatcher is the company’s solution and trademark for systems providing monitoring and evaluation of production efficiency. This is typically an OEE parameter or a time snapshot of production; the solution can be customised according to customer requirements in terms of user interface (GUI, ANDON) and evaluation (custom KPIs) or supplemented with additional functions (measurement control card), etc.

  • Elektronic work safety

    These include systems and solutions that ensure the planned movement of operators in the production environment in relation to occupational safety and health (rotary systems), systems that control working conditions (production environment, ESD testers), and with the development of IoT and mobile technology, paperless errand systems, paperless reporting of service personnel (security, cleaning), monitoring of restricted areas, etc.

  • Applications for production monitoring and control

    This represents a range of custom solutions from the position of a system integrator, which provide mediation of primary data from production or production equipment; this includes data related to orders or production, stability of production and production processes including MES/traceability of production, production parameters of machines, solutions supporting the reduction of scrap, substitutions or improving the logistics of the production process (picking and moving parts), etc.

  • IoT technology • P4.0 solutions

    Our solutions increasingly include SW/HW solutions from IoT devices and SW products enabling full integration of logistics, manufacturing and related areas into solutions such as digital twin, manufacturing big data, APS systems and the creation of a homogeneous ‘smart manufacturing environment‘, even in a cloud environment.

Axians smart solutions for production

Our solutions are comprehensive and take into account all the customer’s implementation aspects. They start with an analysis at the customer’s site, continuing with system design, implementation and optimisation, followed by maintenance or system support of SW/HW, including system administration and maintenance of valid data (outsourcing).

This solution is usually implemented on a turnkey basis, including the necessary infrastructure, HW resources, and machinery and auxiliary structures. We naturally comply with VDA industry standards and ISO standards, consider the methodologies used by the customer and actively interact with the customer in the implementation of systems.


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