Axians provided support to Thermo Fisher Scientific in taking the service desk service in-house.

The aim of this service was to take over existing end-user support services in the Czech Republic, with an overlap to the USA and the Netherlands, and continuously improving the support quality and user satisfaction. During service, we managed to streamline and fully describe ongoing support processes, as well as to create new ones. Our new processes enabled company to have a detailed overview of current global status of this department, however, in the same time still considering local specificities. “Axians have been able to help us quickly solve our acute needs related to the increase in work volume and, thanks to very good communication and  professionalism, increase satisfaction among our employees from 75% to excellent 95%.” said Pavel Hála, IT Operation Manager.

Customer benefits:

  • Better respond to current requirements, deviations from quality, changes in work structures
  • Improved medium-term planning
  • Transparent & Optimized Costs
  • Better overview of the user requirement structures
  • Quality of user requirement solutions
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • New processes
  • Regular reporting

Used technologies:

  • Windows OS
  • MS Office
  • ServiceNow
  • voice services management (fixed and mobile)
  • purchase of HW & SW,
  • management of user accounts and application rights
  • digital signage
  • support for third party tools

Why Axians:

An important factor in the implementation of the service was Axians’ willingness and ability to perform the analysis and describe the findings in detail, followed by rapid training in the time, scope and quality announced.  I also appreciate Axians’ flexibility and willingness to address requirements beyond the defined service, professionalism and practical experience in similar types of services, which complemented our internal processes and knowledge.