The importance of various professional applications and data analysis in the world of business is on the rise

Data analysis is an effective tool which can improve business efficiency both in times of prosperity and during recession. Innovative technologies and applications such as the IoT and AI help optimize operational processes. They bring valuable know-how you can use when making decisions about your company’s future.

Advanced analytics

The future of data processing at your disposal today

Where you used to have only an Excel spreadsheet to work with, you can now analyse a free text, audio and even video files. This helps you reach a better understanding of your business and other processes. Cloud-based algorithms quickly generate outputs which used to be virtually unachievable – facial recognition to name one. Advanced analytics tools can also create predictions and estimates of future events and behavioural patterns.

Big Data

Turn your data into a competitive advantage

Data have a massive potential a lot of businesses still do not use to the fullest because they are unable to approach big data strategically. Manufacturing companies, internet shops, financial institutions and public organizations allegedly don’t process, analyse and evaluate these data. Big data technology is able to use and process both structured and non-structured data, as well as reveal new insights and connections, which gives you a competitive edge.

We help our clients transform their heterogenous deluge of data into key pieces of information they can approach strategically.

Business Intelligence

Smart use of company data for smart decision making

Only a holistic view of your data, a careful consideration of all angles and connections, leads to correct business decisions. And yet many companies process their data from different divisions separately, or work with various sets of data from a number of business processes and applications. Our goal is to consolidate these data sets and use them to generate forward-looking insights as a basis for a functional strategy. Whereas some processes used to be too costly, time consuming or even impossible, the current business intelligence system not only makes them possible but automates them.

Benefits of business intelligence

  • Automatic calculation of holistically generated key figures
  • Specific recommendations on actions to take in individual operations divisions
  • Strong competitive advantage in any industry
  • Identification of opportunities to generate higher sales and profits
  • Flexible use possibilities
  • Modern and user-friendly visualisations

Data, comprehensibly and simply

Comprehensibility is the essential prerequisite of a successful usage of data. Business intelligence will allow you to work with data in your everyday business processes, making project launches easier. Axians and our architects, project managers and consultants have ample experience with conceptual design, implementation and operation of BI solutions and performance management. We’re here for you, to answer all your questions on reporting, analysis, planning, forecasting, budgeting, data exploration, dashboarding and self-service BI.

Smart industry

We use IT to optimize your manufacturing processes

Are you not using smart solution for the management and automation of your manufacturing yet? Manufacturing companies face increasingly more complex production processes and customer demands. The long investment cycle typical for manufacturing often leads to the necessity of combining new resources with older ones and to the concurrent use of various system languages and protocols. This makes keeping a comprehensive and transparent overview of the entire production process much more difficult – which is unfortunate because this overview is absolutely essential for continuous improvement and automation.

Axians is your go-between, connecting IT and industry. We cooperate with our sister-company Actemium, which enables us to offer a unique combination of IT know-how, industrial processes and modern IoT industrial augmentations, all part of Industry 4.0.

Rise to the challenge with our smart solution for industry 4.0. With us, you can:

  • Identify the sources of errors thanks to preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Analyse production data to reduce the rate of waste produced
  • Increase productivity of the production line, setting up measurements, analysis and capacity optimalization of individual machines
  • Automate production through mutual integration of as of yet unintegrated systems
  • Optimize processes for production, orders, delivery and maintenance
  • Reduce your production, quality and staff costs


  • KPI
  • Data visualization
  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware support

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