Create together

We create together

Creating together makes us stronger as a company. We can always count on each other Help lies at the heart of our team spiritwhether it is a big help or small, within your team or different, in your expertise or not. We believe that the best possible result can be achieved by learning together from our mistakes to avoid them in the future. That is why we look for a solution, not a culprit

The story of Peťa G.

There were team buildings and activities we did in Axians. But still, something was missingsomething bigger that may even become a tradition. Until Peta G. came. Peta organized the first canoeing trip back in 2019, and we instantly felt that was it! We had our traditional event! It was a lot of fun, but most importantly, you could really feel what #create together means for us. It doesn’t matter if you are from a different team than your colleague, if you are a manager or employeewe all create together. See more in the video!   

You are never on your own. There are always colleaguesfriends you can count on and ask for their help 

Jirka Polák

Cross-team cooperation is a major part of creating together

It’s simple, we like working together. We pride ourselves on cross-team collaboration. New projects are never a one-man show, but there is always a group of people who complement each other and work together. After all, the DNA project itself was created by a lot of our colleagues – or as we like to call them, ambassadors 

More than a job

For most of us, Axians is more than a job. A lot of our colleagues found buddies for sports, theatre visits, traveling, and other activities after work. We proudly watch colleagues become friends and real friendships form. Together we celebrate smaller and bigger successes, new life roles, and anniversaries.