Eco – friendly solution that saves energy costs

Axiom solution was implemented in the company oriented to wood processing  &  production of heating pellets.

The production company had high energy costs including CO2 emissions and did not have an overview of consumption at individual plants. If continuous production stopped, they had no real-time information.

By implementing AXIOM platform, the customer gained an online and historical overview of the total consumption of the production plant, the partial consumption of individual machines and their energy peaks. Humidity sensors were placed in the warehouse for more accurate determination of planned electricity consumption (wood humidity is directly proportional to the length of sawdust drying). AXIOM also calculates the total production emission footprint from individual energy consumption.


Customer benefits:

  • Energy cost/consumption savings 4%
  • Measurement of electricity consumption and detection of energy peaks (saving money thanks to cut-down of penalties)
  • Detection of anomalous states of energy consumption
  • Monitoring of production operation
  • Carbon footprint measurement (AXIOM eco-friendly solution)

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