MicroGrid Energy demand management

Housing “ecovillage” project as an intergenerational residential community with 150+ homes.

The site suffered from a low level of reliability of the grid supply and had experienced a number of extremely long power interruptions in the last few years (e.g.one power outage being 14 days in duration due to a major weather event) The EcoVillage plans to implement a microgrid system that will be based around a battery energy storage system(BESS) and will also include distributed photovoltaic generation (PV) and a facility to install a temporary standby genset. The microgrid is to be able to operate in both grid-tied and islanded mode and is intended to power essential loads during such grid outages.

Key components of the microgrid:

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) benefits in this project:

  • Distributed photovoltaic (PV)
  • Standby generator
  • Microgrid Hybrid Controller
  • Supply from local distribution network service provider

Solution description

To cover energy demand tasks, control energy flow and energy consumption regulation we proposed to create the technological eco-system environment through implementation of Intelligent Interconnected Digitalisation Platform (IID Platform). IID Platform would cover following functionalities:

  • Energy Management
  • Energy Flow Control
  • HVAC control within individual houses
  • Optionally Security and Access Control
  • Optionally Camera Surveillance
  • Other technologies control (for instance irrigation, public lighting, pumps etc..) according to needs
  • IoT platform readiness for any IoT sensor considered to be installed in Eco-Village according needs

The aim was to create unique eco-system of all operating technologies to integrate, real-time monitor, analyse and control entire environment with regards to available energy resources and energy demand. The resident will supply their own tablet or smart phone to monitor and/or control appliances that are connected to the IID, these 3rd party devices will have a dedicated browser for the specific home.

High level architectures