Elementary shool Zruč nad Sázavou

The town of Zruč nad Sázavou faced several problems, which are explained in the case study. The smart integration platform Axiom helped not only to save energy sources, improve CO2 levels in classroom, but also the customer is now more cost efficient. Thanks to the solution, the town won an award “Smart City” in the competition Comunal project of 2020.

After the insulation and sealing of the school building, the CO2 level in the classroom increased in the building. The alarm signaling implemented by the platform educationally and purposefully draws attention to a problem that is solvable and thus forces pupils and teachers to react immediately.

Another problem was the management of energy consumption in buildings. The platform revealed inefficiencies and adapted zone management based on schedule and attendance. Compared to the previous heating season, the regulations achieve energy savings of 15% per year.

The platform has helped the city to effectively manage building technologies by optimizing the operation and management of air conditioning, lighting and shading technologies.

Finally, the platform provides security by integrating building security systems into a unified environment.

A modular topology and architecture of the city with “SMART CITY” elements was created for the town of Zruč nad Sázavou. A dedicated city cloud has been created in the data center, which is connected to two buildings via the Internet. All management takes place at the local level, administration and maintenance is remote via the city’s cloud.

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