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Enter a world where the most advanced digital technologies support you in day-to-day activities through smart connections with devices, buildings and whole systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence help you to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. It will find a solution to your city parking issues or your company’s security. We can integrate smart solutions into your current system or build a smart one from the ground up.

Your perks with Axians:
  • Fixed cost savings
  • Easy control of system features
  • Operations and controls automation
  • Advanced detection systems and monitoring
  • High security and optimal system efficiency

AXIOM integration platform

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The AXIOM multifunctional platform: the future of automation and control of technologies for buildings, industrial sites or even entire cities

Imagine a set of intelligent features grouped into a single platform which uses sensors to measure, communicate and evaluate the state and use of resources, manages process efficiency and optimizes appliance usage. This way you avoid outages, waiting times and bottlenecks. The platform helps you achieve the best possible results with given systems in line with Industry 4.0 requirements.

A solution rewarded by both clients and industry insiders

The AXIOM platform won a special award for its contribution to the use of modern technologies and their integration into everyday city life in the “Smart Cities 2020” competition. It was also awarded Computerworld magazine’s prestigious “IT Product of the Year 2021” award.

Smart City Project Quality Certificate

One of the awards that AXIOM platform received is the Smart City Project Quality Certificate from the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, which was awarded by an expert jury of the Smart Cities 2020 competition.
Bring your energy consumption under control

Energy prices grow every year, increasing your fixed operation costs. Get them under control. Our AXIOM platform enables you to measure and optimize your consumption of heat, water, gas and, most importantly, electricity. You can handle your ¼ hour technical maximum, minimize contracted distribution and be ISO 50001 compliant. Thanks to its smart settings you can very easily reduce any inefficiencies and cut down your fixed costs as well as extraordinary operating costs.

Smart building management

Does your building have an HVAC, lighting, environmental or any other automated system? Were these made by different manufacturers and thus are unable to communicate with each other? Or do you use obsolete technologies which don’t support communication at all? Our AXIOM platform enables you to connect your smart systems and networks, or to design a brand-new technology tailored to your needs, giving you an efficient and comfortable work environment within a unified user interface.

Move your security onto the next level

The AXIOM platform also handles the security of buildings, rooms and industrial sites. It allows you to integrate all modern identification technologies, from standard RFID chips, NFC and biometric data to advanced facial recognition or vehicle license plate identification. You can control doors, gates, bollards or barriers through an internet or mobile app. Our video analysis enables you to prevent security incidents and protect people and property from potential threats.

  • Smart information boards

Information panels and boards are an efficient way to quickly and comprehensively communicate important information such as warnings about possible dangers, public transport departure times, parking lot capacity and parking space availability or the current weather forecast. The AXIOM platform offers to connect your operational platforms to your sensors and communications systems. All useful info will reach your people easily and at the right time.

  • IoT network for sensors

The sensors and control features of the Internet of Things need a reliable working network to communicate. When public networks coverage is insufficient, we’ll arrange the construction and service of your own IoT networks with 100% coverage of a given location.

Always one step ahead with Preventive and predictive maintenance

The best breakdown is one that never happens. Preventive and predictive maintenance will save you both time and money. Our platform analyses data from sensors and alerts operators to any unusual or hazardous process that requires service. Using mathematical models and machine learning on the data gathered, AXIOM can predict when critical machine components are coming up on their end of life and facilitate their just-in-time replacement.

Electromobility and a smart charging station

The fast development of electromobility brings with it the need for a corresponding charging station infrastructure. The charging of electric cars is energy-intensive and places an undue burden on the distribution network as well as on the site where the charging takes place. Exceeding your contracted energy tariff leads to distributor fees or, in the worst case, even to a local power outage. With chargers connected to the AXIOM platform and its energy management system you can easily avoid such inconveniences.

Smart parking and guiding systems

A smart parking system helps cities find a solution to their pressing parking issues. On their arrival to the city, a driver can easily find a parking spot, no extensive wandering through the streets necessary. Using IoT sensors or video analytics from a camera system, the AXIOM platform analyses parking space occupancy and, through its connection to information boards and panels or mobile apps, guides the driver to the free parking space.



  • Clear data overviews, graphs and reports

Data collection and analysis without quality displays will only bring you so far. The AXIOM platform will enable you to generate graphs for the time period required as well as to display any values received by the sensors as a live feed. This could track your monthly energy consumption in individual rooms or even buildings, enabling the recalculation of energy costs and others. If any of the values exceed a critical limit set by the user, the system would send you a warning though email or text message.

  • Increased production efficiency

Our production cycle monitoring can help you find out what has the greatest impact on your production efficiency, be it the ambient temperature or humidity, excessive energy consumption or abnormal machine operation. AXIOM will help you pinpoint exactly where the bottlenecks of your production processes are, enabling you to make adjustments to increase your productivity and lower operational costs.

Lighting under control

Are you interested in accessing all the advantages of smart lighting with minimal costs? AXIOM will give you full control over the lighting in your offices and sites. The platform allows you to tone the light in line with your employees’ circadian rhythms, to adjust light intensity or colour temperature with one click when needed for a large screen presentation and to automatically turn the lights off when nobody is present.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Do you have an overview of the current state of your carbon footprint? Many companies have been thinking about reducing or have already committed to reduce their carbon footprint. Axiom monitors direct emissions from your company or indirect emissions related to the consumption of purchased energy. In addition to the positive environmental impact on the planet, reducing your carbon footprint also reduces your company’s operating costs.

Smart security

With AXIOM you can either effortlessly monitor your site remotely or establish a central control room with a monitoring wall where you can easily switch between camera views and control your layout. The dispatcher has access to the systems for automatic detection of suspicious behaviour, recognition of trajectories of suspicious people and vehicles, or intrusion detection. This will help your dispatcher deliver professional performance after only a short training.

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