THE SMART CITIES 2020 competition, organized by the Smart City Innovations Institute, z.ú. under the auspices of the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic and the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic, focuses on innovations of the so-called smart municipalities, cities and regions. In 2020, its fourth year took place.

“Until this IV. year of the SMART CITY competition entered over 180 projects and the competition was huge, not only in terms of quantity but above all in quality. This year, the expert jury consisting of more than thirty members, had perhaps the most difficult decision-making of all the previous years. During the two-round evaluation, its members assessed the extent to which the submitted solutions and projects meet the 4 pillars of SMART CITY, which are Feasibility, Sustainability, Saving and Awareness, or openness of data and public involvement. For many projects, the expert jury also carried out a remote online evaluation at the place of project implementation using distance communication. ”wrote the press organizer, Smart City Innovations Institute, z.ú.

We appreciate the fact that in such a strong competition we won a special jury award for the contribution in the field of technology integration with the AXIOM integration platform solution.

“This award is not just a tribute to our team, which has put a lot of energy and ideas into the AXIOM solution. But above all, the commitment of our entire company to further develop this platform and try to implement it as much as possible into the daily lives of our fellow citizens so that we can increase our level of coexistence and the environment. ”said Axians Executive Jiří Vytlačil in a thank-you speech.

AXIOM integration platform was born in cooperation with Axians, Omexom, ZLD and Flowbox. The platform was created thanks to a unique combination of the know-how of our companies and also thanks to the real needs of customers. The uniqueness of the project lies in the flexible way of use and dynamics of integration of the latest trends and technologies. AXIOM integrates and manages existing and new systems – from technological systems located inside buildings, through production machines or equipment, to various IoT and smart sensors. This can provide the necessary data to optimize and automate processes. The customer gains not only control over their operating and production costs but also over streamlining processes and thus saves considerable funds.

“By using the AXIOM integration platform, the region, municipality or city gains an open platform that reflects smart city methodologies and SMART Czech strategy from the point of view of the environment, sustainability and improving the quality of life of citizens,” explains Pavel Waisser, Axians’ smart solutions specialist.

We would like to thank to the entire team that contributed to creation of the AXIOM solution. Special thanks go to our partners, with whom we are constantly expanding this platform with additional components.

This award is a commitment to us to constantly develop and integrate the platform to continue to help optimize and simplify operations, production and cost savings.

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