Digital transformation and management of existing production or operational processes represent current trends in the development of industrial production and is considered a strategic area for the future operation of the company.

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase uptime, improve quality, and ensure safety or compliance – all while reducing costs. All this can be achieved today not only by using innovative technologies but also by a suitable choice of integration platform.

Control integration platform

A suitable integration platform can optimize the need for human, machine and material resources by automating processes. At the same time, it interconnects all-important operational data and helps to detect production process deficiencies, increase production efficiency, or prevent machine failures.

As a result, the use of such solution guarantees a rapid return on investment, and this applies across all industries. Ultimately, the customer gets a tool to reduce the production costs.

One such solution is offered by the modular integration platform AXIOM. Thanks to its diversity, it finds its use mainly in the manufacturing sector, however, its flexibility allows the use in other sectors, such as healthcare, education, retail, but it also has its place in development projects.

The AXIOM solution

AXIOM acts as an integration platform that aims to integrate all production and operating technologies, regardless of manufacturer, into one easy-to-use central system. Thanks to a sophisticated user environment, in which the emphasis is on simplicity, AXIOM enables easy user control, monitoring and advanced analysis of all production or operational technologies, simply via web or mobile application.

AXIOM as a tool for smart industry 4.0

In production, each device can not only represent a seemingly large initial investment, but it can also be a key device in the entire production process. Therefore, it is important to take care of the device and know its current parameters.

Using the AXIOM platform, it is easy to implement monitoring of production and operating equipment together with monitoring of key physical values ​​such as temperature, operating noise, pressure, vibration, phase load of the production machine, or supervision of the switching frequency of equipment. Together with advanced analytics and the machine learning function, it brings significant advantages for timely decision-making, in preventing the risk of downtime, the ability to plan maintenance and, thanks to this, shorten downtime quite often. The data obtained from these sensors and machines give an overall picture of the utilization of individual devices and thus help with optimal planning of the production process.

In the case of production cycle monitoring (HACCP) and monitoring of key production parameters, the saving of administration time is also a great advantage, based on automated documentation of production parameters.

Thanks to the selective collection of data from each production machine, information on the number of manufactured pieces and their parameters, together with a comparison of the production plan (integration into existing production management systems), the overall production performance versus its production costs can be evaluated and monitored in detail.

Multipurpose tool not just in industry… 

The platform also includes measurement and control of energy consumption, including the possibility of regulating up to ¼ hourly maximum electricity and gas, comprehensive control of building technologies or integration of camera systems with the possibility of recognizing people and objects in the image using video analysis in real-time. Practically, this functionality is then used, for example, for unattended entry, parking and guidance systems or the detection of face masks and of a work helmet.

Safety and Cyber Security

As the safety of control systems is a necessity today, AXIOM has a wide range of security. Among the most important is the support of two-factor user authentication via SMS or token and the separation of individual user roles. It also offers the ability to increase the security of connected devices. Thus, for example, it is easy to prevent unauthorized interventions of workers in partial regulations or to force the insertion of an additional code / PIN to start or stop a specific device.

Benefits and usability

The biggest benefit of AXIOM is its ability to visualize and effectively control systems, devices and processes with the possibility of automating these processes even acrossu ntil then autonomous systems.

With the help of this flexible and open platform, it can not only be an efficient production environment, a prosperous commercial building, a modern civic facility, but it can also be the basis for a functioning smart city.

What customers appreciate the most…

The modularity of the platform, which allows each customer to create a solution that meets their current needs. At the same time, the possibility of subsequent expansion with other modules and functionalities is welcome, including the integration of the most modern technologies that the market brings and which can reduce the existing costs for customers and thus achieve a quick return on investment.