Professional Services

In Axians, we are aware that finding the right people for the project is crucial for success of your business. Therefore, we are here to provide you with our services for your short/long term project, consisting of the skilled specialists of all levels and their knowledge and skills to ensure the best outcome for your business.

With the introduction of new, complex IT solutions and the implementation of digital & security strategies, many companies are reaching their limits. One of the reasons is that it is not possible to solve every challenge in the same way. It is necessary to create new procedures that flexibly respond to current market trends.

The model of external resources usage was originally designed mainly for one-off projects. However, given the current labor market situation and the long-term lean staffing models, it is increasingly used for long-term cooperation as well.

For both types of situations, Axians can offer adequate and effective solutions as a stable partner.

At Axians, we can help you with managing your projects.

Outsourcing of IT resources

Customers from different sectors have the opportunity to utilize our IT specialists at various levels of seniority – from junior positions to experienced professionals with many years of experience as well as the necessary certifications in their respective fields.
From the labor law relationship point of view, you can choose between two alternatives, according to your needs: external contractors or our internal employees in the form of temporary assignment. For this purpose, Axians is the holder of a proper license (permission to mediate the employment for the purpose of work performance for users, meaning other legal or individual persons).

Examples of outsourcing:

  • You have projects in your company that need to be implemented, but you also have a limited number of core employees that you must not exceed
  • You plan one-off or time-limited projects, after which you will have no further use for those employees
  • You need to cope with short-term fluctuations in the volume of workload
  • You are looking for experts in specific positions that are unavailable in the labor market
  • You cannot or do not want to invest in your own recruiting process and subsequent training of employees and you want to save on possible termination
  • You want to implement new systems, implement or optimize business processes, develop and test new applications, develop training materials or other documentation, etc.

We can offer:

  • Collaboration on short, medium and long-term projects
  • Individual specialists or entire teams
  • Experts in various technologies and positions
  • Savings in investment in recruiting procedures, staff training or severance pay
  • Added value in the fact that our employees not only have the necessary experience, but often also overlap into other areas
  • Temporary staffing as well as cooperation through a service contract

Main areas:

  • Project management / service management
  • Business processes (analysis, optimization)
  • Automated reporting / dashboarding
  • Architecture
  • Development of SW systems and applications
  • Documentation / technical writing
  • Testing and quality management
  • IT support for systems and applications
  • Cyber security
  • and more (Splunk, PI System, McAfee, Backup & Restore)

Tailored project management

Each project is unique as well as the company environment in which it is implemented. For this reason, our project management services are very flexible and can be tailored to your organization’s needs. Within our portfolio, we can offer you the following services:

  • Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Project management consulting
  • Project audits

Project management: wide expertise

Do you need a specialized project manager to lead and manage your project? Do you need to implement a comprehensive program over several years, covering more projects? Or do you need project office support (PMO) for your own project managers? Whatever your requirements are, we will provide you with suitable, experienced and qualified professionals – for a few weeks, months or even years.

Our project experts have many years of experience in project management internationally. They are knowledgeable and certified according to the world’s most widely recognized methodologies and standards for project management (PMI/PMBOK, PRINCE2, IPMA, SCRUM). We have masters of both, classical and agile project management methodologies.

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Based on decades of project management experience in leading international companies, Axians continuously develops complete project management as a service package and is therefore able to efficiently address your needs in managing complex projects and programs.

Axians PMaaS provides clients with access to project professionals, resources and tools at a flexible and predictable price.

Our PMaaS portfolio offers comprehensive services for managing internal project teams (as an interface between your IT team and business units), but also for implementing new solutions with external technology providers and IT security, IT infrastructure, M&A and industrial IT solutions.

We are able to provide a coordinated team of project managers, PMO as a central project management service tailored to each customer’s individual needs. The team cooperates with the management of the company in project planning and according to the agreement assumes all or some of the tasks and responsibilities for project management. Our project managers work on your premises or are available remotely as virtual teams – all according to your needs and preferences. The services are provided on the basis of a concluded agreement on their provision, by mutually agreed KPIs and their fulfillment is monitored and controlled through regular info-meetings.

Additional services for your projects and programs

Project management consultancy

Looking for the right project management methodology or best practices for your projects? Or do you want to increase the efficiency of your projects? Axians Certified Program and Project Managers are available to you through consulting services.

Project audits

Is your project in critical phase and you want to make sure it is completed successfully? Axians project specialists will prepare a 360 ° project analysis for you in the form of a comprehensive report on the current status of the project, with recommendations for the necessary steps to successfully complete the project.

Project mentoring

Axians’ experienced project specialists can act as sparring partners and trainers, providing direct support to project managers and project team members to continually improve the quality and success of their projects.

IT Service Management (ITSM) – what we really do if say we are implementing ITSM?

IT Service Management covers overall lifecycle of IT Services. Lifecycle management is performed by an organization to design, plan, deliver, operate and control IT services that are offered to the customer.

Or to put it another way, ITSM is a methodology that comprises of set of the best practices. A popular motto says “adopt and adapt”, hence each company should use and tweak parts of the methodology that make sense in context of their scope, complexity and customer/business needs.

The customer is important here, as the methodology revolves around what creates added value to customers by using process approaches with an emphasis on continual improvement.

Using an analogy from construction industry, if you want to build a house, ITSM tells you how to build foundations, walls, roof, windows and importantly – doors to the house.

Axians offers the following ITSM capabilities:

  • Analysis of current processes and their improvement implementation
  • Delivery and operation of various ITSM processes (e.g. Service Request, Service Catalog, Problem, Incident, Risk, Change, Demand, Capacity, Service Level Management, etc.)
  • One-off projects gravitated around ITSM for which you may not have know-how or enough resources
  • ITSM knowledge underpinned by certificates and experience
  • Business analysis and consulting

Benefits of ITSM services from Axians:

IT-specific ITSM benefits

  • Increased IT efficiency and productivity through defined roles and responsibilities
  • Process implementation based on best practices
  • Increased support to counter regulatory and compliance challenges
  • Increased visibility and understanding of IT services
  • Reduced incident lifecycles

Business level ITSM benefits

  • Better understanding of business needs
  • Higher IT service availability levels for higher business productivity
  • Increased value and cost efficiency
  • Manage expectations better
  • Reduced impact of incidents on the business