Industrial IT

The interfaces between the office IT systems and Operational Technology (OT) are being placed under greater focus than ever before. Nevertheless, we have to prepare the production infrastructure for the new requirements exacted by digitisation and the Internet of Things. Thanks to our expertise and experience in both areas, Axians ensures future sustainability, flexibility and security in complex industrial IT environments.

Securing assets in production operations

Keeping infrastructures variable and scalable without making any compromises in terms of security, performance and reliability is one of the biggest challenges being faced today in production-related IT. Axians puts together the right interdisciplinary team for every job, featuring experience in all of the areas required, such as networks, identity management, automation technology, process control systems and data analytics. The solutions from Axians combine our many years of experience working in the IT/OT systems of major companies with the automation expertise held by our sister company Actemium and the building management expertise possessed by our parent company VINCI Energies. Our customers thus benefit from an extremely comprehensive and tried-and-tested service offering from a single source.

Network segmentation makes the exchange of data more secure

In order to take advantage of all of the benefits offered by a fully digitised production setup, data must be able to be exchanged smoothly and securely between the various levels of IT and OT. Axians takes the production facility IT/OT systems that have developed over time and transfers them into modern and high-performance multilayer segmented networks. This allows us to lay the key foundations for digitisation and the flexible use of the latest IoT technology.

Network segmentation makes the exchange of data more secure
Operation of IT infrastructures in the production environment

Operation of IT infrastructures in the production environment

In order to equip your IT systems the best protection against outages that reduce production levels, Axians offers a wide range of managed services that are specially tailored to the operation of IT infrastructures in production environments.

  • Patch management
  • User/identity management
  • Time management
  • Backup and disaster recovery services
  • UPS management
  • IT monitoring services