Enterprise Networking

An optimised company network is characterised by the fact that your employees and business partners are able to accurately find the right data in the shortest possible time and work (together) efficiently with the data.

The network – the backbone of your company

Companies that access a data network that is optimally equipped for their specific situation have a decisive competitive advantage. In the Internet-of-Things era and given the increasing digitisation of production environments, the importance of digital communication is increasingly growing.

The right solutions for your network

Whatever type of network you choose, Axians understands the pros and cons of conventional LANs as well as modern clouds or hybrid clouds and provides comprehensive advice. Only people with all of the relevant information can make the right decisions for their company. We feel that it’s important to offer you the right solution and ensure smooth communication via video, on the phone or in web conferences. Protected transport and the long-term archiving of sensitive company data are the key elements. Because that is your company’s backbone, regardless of whether you run a website, a call centre or an online shop, or even if your business involves industrial manufacturing.

Benefit from the Axians factor

Axians provides you with reliable support, based on your individual goals, during the implementation and optimisation of your company network. To do so, we draw on market-tested solutions and services for every aspect of your network.

We support your core business – reliably, flexibly and efficiently

Axians designs and implements customised solutions for its customers to ensure maximum satisfaction. We implement your requirements as a customer, such as “as a Service” or “hyper-converged infrastructure”, using a manufacturer-neutral approach to create a solution that benefits you.

One of our main goals is to speed up your core business by implementing our solution to ultimately boost the efficiency of your IT processes and make your IT costs transparent. Formerly rigid computing centres subsequently become flexible data centres that offer both high-level performance and high availability.

Axians offers solutions for your Internet access – from the infrastructure to operation

One prerequisite for a reliable, sustainable solution is high-performance Internet access. This forms an important part of the basic services required by businesses, public institutions, municipalities and administrations alike.

Our aim is to safeguard this access and to set up and, if needed, operate the infrastructures for corporate communications securely, efficiently and without any problems.

Axians – a partner that anticipates trends to your benefit

To ensure a company’s long-term competitiveness, its IT infrastructure must be able to react quickly to new requirements, changes and both hardware and software updates at all times. This means that an eye has to be kept on the big picture at all times and decisions have to be made based on an in-depth understanding of the processes involved. Axians has a broad range of specialist knowledge and first-class, cutting-edge technical expertise. We put a priority on implementing necessary updates and optimisations in a timely manner.

Tap our expertise wherever you need it

Axians also offers flexible, full-service contracts that cover any challenge you might face, from planning to implementation, operation and optimisation. Axians, with its extensive expertise, is a trusted advisor for state-of-the-art, innovative and tailored IT environments that successfully streamline and support business processes and boost their value creation.