Data Center

In today’s world, IT is mission critical for companies in every industry and of every size. The key element of this is the data centre, which has to be a jack of all trades: It should guarantee high-performance computing power, large bandwidths, quick access, low latencies and reliable data backup. Axians offers just the right solutions for you.

High-performance and future-proof

Axians’ experts can provide you advice on all aspects of your IT infrastructure, tailored to your specific needs.

Take advantage of:

  • Architecture advice
  • Architecture design
  • Consolidation advice
  • Optimisation advice
  • Health checks
  • Customised workshops

Data centre technologies

We attach great importance to end-to-end project implementation and ensuring that every component of the digital company flows into the data centre. Axians, with its first-class technical expertise, is a trusted advisor for state-of-the-art, innovative and tailored IT environments that successfully support business processes and boost their value creation. We’ll help you!

Server, storage and data management

  • Complete data centre solution
  • Storage solutions that are “highly available, high-performance and secure”
  • Data management
  • Hyper-converged infrastructures


  • Routing, switching
  • Wi-Fi design & implementation

Data centre security networking

  • Perimeter security
  • System hardening

Datacenter technologies

Is your infrastructure complex, are downtimes too high, are waiting times too long and is performance declining?

Simplify your infrastructure design with hyper-converged infrastructures and bring computing, network, storage and management components all together under one roof (hypervisor).

How you benefit

  • Clear management of infrastructure components through a single-vendor approach and a user-friendly interface
  • Minimisation of the time needed to manage virtual infrastructures and boost efficiency in the process
  • Simple scalability and expansion in accordance with the requirements of the business
  • An infrastructure that is capable of supporting the business more quickly
  • Data security and efficiency through replication to a remote site and/or the cloud
  • Reduced costs

Application scenarios

Branch office management

Hyper-converged infrastructures optimise and maximise your IT provisioning. Thanks to the centralised administration and high level of data security guaranteed by backups, a hyper-converged infrastructure is perfectly suited for use in branch offices – without any need to hire new trained IT staff.

Data security

  • Data backup and disaster recovery can be integrated into a hyper-converged infrastructure to minimise security risks. They can then be replicated to either the remote site and/or the cloud.
  • Additionally, all it takes is a single click to assign built-in security policies to your virtual machines. Administration couldn’t get any easier.

Innovation and test environment

Your IT will be made capable of furnishing the needed test environments quickly in order to prevent delays and unnecessary downtimes.

DC consolidation

A hyper-converged solution greatly simplifies the infrastructure of your data centre so that you not only save costs, but individual silos disappear completely.

Networking & security

The requirements placed on data centres are on the rise: availability, security, flexibility and scalability have to be guaranteed at all times. Conventional data centre networks, on the other hand, rarely meet these requirements and the administration of these networks is also time consuming. Despite the fact that they are more time-consuming to maintain, there is often no documentation or information available regarding component utilisation. The software-defined network (SDN) approach makes it possible to achieve the desired goals, even if they seem incompatible at first glance. In addition to the simpler configuration and management of network components, performance and availability monitoring can also be used to guarantee consistently high performance for data centre services.

Like in other areas, a large number of functions are also used in virtualised form in the network. Only then can short-term bottlenecks be resolved or new requirements accommodated swiftly. The automation and standardisation of different workflows does not result in an increase in administration work. This is the only approach that allows continuously growing networks to be operated in a way that also conserves resources. Requirements such as security and microsegmentation are provided as part of the infrastructure, which means that complex firewall structures are only needed at the perimeter of the data centre.

Get a head start through virtualisation: software-defined data centre

A software-defined data centre (SDDC) solution makes complex IT silos that are difficult to manage or require expert knowledge a thing of the past. With SDDC, your resources are virtualised and you access their elastic pools through a self-service portal. This makes configuring and managing IT services both easy and cost effective.

What we offer

  • Automation concepts
  • Data centre virtualisation
  • software-defined data centre

What we offer

How you benefit

  • Optimal resource utilisation and greater employee productivity through virtualisation and automated business operations
  • Rapid workload provisioning and quick responses to new business requirements through a policy-based configuration
  • Location-independent availability across multiple platforms (and clouds) with continuous availability on all devices
  • Automated business continuity provides security for all applications

Use cases

Branch office management
SDDC optimises your IT provisioning to the fullest. Centralised administration makes the SDDC perfectly suited for use in branch offices.

IT management
The user-friendly interface allows critical enterprise applications to be perfectly integrated, developed, tested, validated and managed. If you have specific storage needs or want to set up test and development environments, the system can be expanded both quickly and affordably.

Desktop management / virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
Pool policies ensure that sufficient reserve desktops are available so that all desktops can be managed centrally and employee productivity is not hampered by unnecessary downtimes.